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5 Reasons To Start Training In The New Year!!

My instructor likes to say Martial arts “Gives you superpowers”. Personally that’s a convincing enough argument, but if you’re one of those people that prefers things rationalized then here are 5 additional reasons you should quit being an actual sloth and start training:

1) Legitimately lower the odds of getting your butt kicked by strangers (or friends):

You may want to start training for a variety of reasons, but everyone has one basic requirement: They want to be able to handle a situation if the time comes. (Statistically if you go outside enough times it will eventually come) Sure, martial arts won’t turn you into Captain America, but your odds of success will definitely shoot up drastically.

Even if you have yet to reach your ideal goals after having spent time training, you’ll still have the ability to perform the techniques ingrained in your muscle memory, assuming you’ve been training properly.

The everyday world is filled with people who won’t hesitate to reassure you they can kick your butt. Being able to remain unintimidated throughout various situations is an invaluable skill that some people go a lifetime without really attaining.

2) Feel great and be confident in new situations

Some people are a little baffled by how you can go to a place where you get rag-dolled yet emerge more confident. Well the funny thing is, once you get a taste of just how challenging training is, everyone else’s fitness complaints seem like a walk in the park. Your buddy’s tragic tale of how he had to walk up 3 flights of stairs because the escalator was broken will pale in comparison to trying to a stop a man twice your size from turning you into a pancake.

You’ve just stepped up and pursued a goal the vast majority of the population is either too lazy or too afraid to even attempt. I’m not saying turn into a colossal jerk that thinks they’re superior to others. But give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and challenged yourself. But not to worry, your training partners will always keep you humble.

3) Become fit and athletic even if you’ve never been an “athlete” before

Not excluding guys who’ve been involved in other sports or lift weights to stay fit, but this specifically targets the guys (or girls!) that have never really taken on an athletic endeavor prior to fighting (like myself). Going from sitting all day playing video games or watching TV shows to actively training and improving yourself is a lot more satisfying than earning new Xbox achievements in Halo.

4) Lose yourself in a unique new hobby or passion

I’m not gonna lie, this stuff is just plain fun. As far as new hobbies go, it totally blows away that one summer you decided to half learn the the guitar only to quit 2 months later. I’m talking “First time dating/free to legally drink” joy. Think of your current daily routine. When was the last time you got super pumped to play video games or watch TV? If you’re the type of person that loves learning new things, Martial arts may send you into a learning rampage you may have not felt in years.

5) Meet new, enthusiastic, like-minded people

These aren’t your co-workers stuck in the same chain gang with you because you’re both bound to a paycheck. (Although sometimes that’s also a bonding experience) These are people that, like you, have decided to make a positive change in their life. Surrounding yourself with people who’re on a similar goal of self-development will only act as synergy for your own goals. And there’s just a special bond between people that push and beat each other up on a regular basis.

You become part of a family that genuinely cares about making one another better. The traditional “gym” doesn’t give a crap if you miss workouts because you “felt tired” that day. Your academy buddies on the other hand will get you excited about showing up and inquire at times that you don’t.

(I got this from one of our Brazilian JiuJitsu guys. Thanks Jon.)

See you in Class
Master Bartley

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