About Taekwondo at Elite

About Taekwondo at Elite

Edmonton’s Premier Martial Arts Club

Elite Taekwondo in Edmonton was established in 1997. Opening its door with seven students, the membership has grown to over 200 active adults and children.

Master Bartley and his awesome Instructor Team teach all classes. The school’s emphasis is more than self-defense; it is self-improvement. The development of self-confidence, self-discipline, and respect, enables students to resolve and avoid confrontation.

Our curriculum has been developed and tested extensively. Trends like “Cardio-Karate” and “Aerobic-Boxing” will not be found in our school. These types of trends come and go. Our established program meets and exceeds the physical conditioning, self-defense and martial art training standards of the industry. Enthusiastic instruction, clear direction and goals make the program enjoyable and successful.

In addition to scheduled training programs, our school regularly holds special training sessions, open workouts, extra help opportunities and social events. Children love the sleepovers, movie nights and summer camps.

Opportunities to attend and participate in tournaments are provided regularly. Our school holds several inter-school tournaments and attends many local and national competitions. Whether competing locally or nationally our students have won many championships.

Our 2700 sq. foot facility includes a 1700 sq. foot Dojang (training room) and a separate waiting area room, as well as bathroom facilities, and changing rooms. Lockers are provided. Visitors and parents are always welcome in our spacious lobby to observe the classes.

All of this combines to make Elite Taekwondo, martial arts in Edmonton, Western Canada’s leader in fitness, self-defense, and self-improvement.