MMA - Mixed Martial Arts

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Karate, Muay Thai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Hapkido

Elite Taekwondo combines techniques and principles from a variety of Martial Arts styles including Karate, Muay Thai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Hapkido, which provide our students with a well-balanced, “street smart” self-defense system. Most other styles of martial arts tend to focus on individual areas of self-defense. Combining the best of many styles into a “mma”( mixed martial arts) system gives Elite’s students the ability to protect themselves in virtually any situation.

The benefits of martial arts extend to parenting as well. Understanding and modeling respect and self-discipline helps children develop these attributes. And parents that benefit from the mental balance of the martial arts mindset are better equipped to deal with the challenges and stress that come with raising even the best of children.

But is it a good workout? Our program is a total fitness package combining strength, endurance and flexibility. We incorporate the latest exercise physiology, which assists in the development of all your muscular systems, building greater strength and definition. You get excellent cardiovascular conditioning, expanding your heart and lung capacity while you burn off calories. The result is a tremendous increase in energy and stamina to take on whatever comes your way. Each class also includes a variety of stretching exercises that help you to avoid injuries and keep you feeling young and agile.

Get in the best shape of your life, by working out with a purpose. Take control of your mind, body and emotions. Never be a victim, physically or emotionally. Learn highly effective and powerful self-defense skills in a fun, friendly environment.