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“Are you ready to bring it?”

As martial artists we tend to set goals and expectations of ourselves that many average people see as insane. When asked why I am rushing to the gym to put myself through a torturous class day after day, I simply respond “because I can.”

The power of the mind is incredible. As martial artists, we know life is all about being a challenge to succeed. If it were not, then everyone would be a black belt and be successful at anything they attempted. For every successful martial artist I see setting goals and getting what they want out of life, I see 8 or 9 people that are settling for mediocrity. They are still sitting trying to figure it all out, while the successful people are taking action and making it happen.

These average people are mystified and perplexed by what seems to be some strange, complex and elusive secret that must be found if ever success is to be enjoyed. While most people spend most of their lives struggling to earn a living, a much smaller number seem to have everything going their way. Instead of just earning a living, the smaller group is busily engaged in designing and enjoying a Quality of Life. Everything just seems to work out for them. While the much larger group sits in awe at how life can be so unfair, complicated and unjust.

It is not enough to be a good person or for you to hope that life will be fair. It does not matter that someone else is smarter, or stronger or that you have some type of handicap. It all revolves around one thing – an indomitable spirit and positive attitude, the desire to win and an unswerving dedication to never giving up. This is as equally true on the battle field, as it is in personal relationships and business.

A warrior knows he must pay the price, up front and in full through hard work and persistence in order to benefit from the rewards of success.

Confronting and overcoming challenges is an exhilarating experience. Few understand the feelings of winning a life and death scenario on the battlefield, or even in business for that matter. It does something to feed the soul and the mind. It makes you more than you were before. It strengthens the mental muscles and enables you to become better prepared for the next challenge. Becoming a millionaire in the business world is more about the development in the person, than the money in the bank.

In order to achieve everything you want in life, you must set a goal to work harder on yourself than you do on anything else. But in addition to gathering new knowledge, new skills and new experiences; it is also important to discover new emotions. It is how you feel about what you know that makes the biggest difference in how your life will turn out.

A true warrior understands his or her mission – to achieve as much as you can with all you have on this incredible journey we call life. This includes achieving one more goal, defeating one more challenge up till your last breath. That is the spirit of a warrior and the principle of Indomitable Spirit.


Welcome back, New Season, New Goals.

“Are you ready to Bring it?”

See you in class.

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