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Aspirations Are Not Enough

We can aspire to anything – but it doesn’t automatically follow that we will get there. I learned long ago that wanting is not enough you had to either ‘have skills’ or if not, then you had to ‘get skills’. When we are children, we need to learn lots of things. We need acquire language for example, so that we had a means to express ourselves and thereby begin to shape our world. But often, as adults, the need to learn, the need to acquire new skill sets, is simply not as powerful as it was when we were young – but if we want to continue to shape the world we live in, then ‘learning new skills’ (particularly nowadays) is simply a must.

I love learning new things; for me it is not so much that I really ‘need’ the new skills as much as it is the enjoyment I get from cultivating them. For me, the mental exercise of learning new things and acquiring new skills keeps my mind in shape … just as the physical exercise I get from grappling and martial arts practice keeps me in physical shape.

Aspirations are not enough … we need to learn, understand, acquire new skills and take action to better shape the world we live in. Moving from thought (daydreaming) to taking action is a very significant step.

See you in class.
Master Bartley

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