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The Japanese have a saying, “Mokuteki o Motte Hajimeru” which means begin with the end already in existence in your mind. The hallmark of all leading successful people that I have studied, you always need to see the finished product before you ever start developing anything. The process is simple to understand but takes discipline to implement and achieve success in the long run.

Whether you are building a business, working on a relationship or striving for any type of challenge ahead of you, the process is all the same. You begin with a clear vision of what it will look like when you are done. I am not talking about a “kind of” opinion, but a crystal clear vision of the finished product in every detail possible to think about. This sets the foundation for understand the key principle of anything that you can see with clarity and believe in will become your reality.

But this is just the beginning of the process. Now you need to identify each and every obstacle that could stand in your way of achieving your objective. Then one by one, put actions in place so that this worse case scenario does not have a chance of becoming a reality. I truly think this is one of the reasons martial artists seem to be successful at just about anything they decide to take on because they have the unique ability to see “situations” and what type of counter would be appropriate.

At the same time you need to take a good look at your resources such as finances, knowledge, abilities and so forth to see what additional ones you need to acquire and where you are going to get them. Sun Tzu said that you never engage in a battle unless you are assured victory and so it goes with goals and action plans. Make sure you have all the resources you need to achieve whatever goals you have before you take action if you want to be assured of success.

MAIA 2008

PS……With the fall (busy) season approaching us fast, things are going to get busier and priorities sometimes will get in the way of training. I want to express my gratitude to those of you who kept training throughout the summer, and I would like to welcome back those students who took the summer off. Let’s get together as a martial art family and work hard to continue the schools growth as well as your own. I appreciate feedback from the students and I maintain an open door policy to discuss any concerns you have with the school or your training.

Master Steve Bartley

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