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Chipping Away is How Progress is Made

Chipping Away is How Progress is Made

Making Progress

We all love a ‘big win’, or something that comes to us easily- but the real gains are made, not in the short term, but ‘over time’.

Got a minor injury?…go to training. Feeling comfy on that couch and it’s raining outside?…go to training. Tired after a long, hard day?…go to training.

Chipping away is how progress is made. After the summer break (some of us longer than others) it is sometimes frustrating to come back to class only to realize that your mind is not in the same spot as your body. You are not the only one.

Understand that your training is your training but we are all here for each other and together we will achieve our goals!

But you need to keep chipping away.

See you in class

Master Bartley

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