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We often look at others through a set of eyes that only sees the ‘highlight reel’. In fact, a good friend of mine said this the other day ‘We tend to compare our ‘lows’ with other peoples ‘high’s’. Nicely put!

I think this is true – both on and off the mats. Personally, I think that constantly comparing ourselves to others is not a very healthy way to live our lives.

We each occupy the universe in our own way, often to the best of our abilities, often also at the mercy of a certain amount of luck (both good and bad).

Some of us, create our own luck to an extent, and break free from the shackles of our environments or circumstances – most though, do not! But still, we all live – and strive to be happy and fulfilled as we try to improve our circumstances.

We can learn from others – for sure – of course – (necessary perhaps) … but comparing ourselves to others in a way that highlights our struggle can only lead to unhappiness (envy even).

Remember, everyone (in some way) struggles. We tend to judge others by their victories and successes and ourselves by our shortcomings.

To quote from the poem Desiderata … ‘If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

I am receiving my Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on May 9.

Am I happy? …yes, but I also am a little sad and scared. Sad because the realization of my limitations that I will never be the black belt in my mind that I would like to be. Scared because of the new challenges that lay ahead of me as I will be forced out of my comfort zone as a brown belt.

I understand, as an instructor myself that my students face these challenges all the time, and with the support of their fellow students, training partners and instructors I see these students go on to achieve more and push themselves further along the Martial Arts Path. I only hope that I can represent myself as well as you guys.

I would like to thank Professor Resende for believing in me and continuing to push me. I would also like to thank Professor Henrique Stefani and Professor David Meyer for helping me along this path.

See you in class
Master Bartley

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