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Elite Summer Challenge

Have you wanted to get fit and/or lose weight but are lacking motivation?? Do you stick to a fitness/weight-loss program if you are part of a group??

Well, Elite will be having a Summer Challenge!! Join fellow members and/or parents of Elite Taekwondo as we go on a summer journey!!

What is this Summer Challenge all about??

Every Monday, starting June 17, everyone signed up for the Challenge will contribute $10 to the “pot”.

This first day and every Monday at 6:00pm each member of the Summer Challenge group will weigh-in (yes – this will be done discreetly). One man and one woman will be noting weights (for calculation purposes only). Should the Monday be a holiday – then weights will be taken the next day (Tuesday).

The ultimate goal is to eat healthy, get fit and lose weight!!!

ANYONE that is part of the Summer Challenge AND is not an Elite Taekwondo member will be WELCOME to join class and participate in the Warmups and Stretches. This will give you at least 3 workouts in your week!!!!!

Weight-loss will be calculated on an individual basis. Although the goal is to lose weight, those individuals who gain weight at the weekly weighin will contribute $5.00 to the “pot”.

What better way to GET FIT, GET HEALTHY and be a part of a wonderful group of people all looking for similar goals!!!

At the end of the Summer Challenge we will get together as a group and celebrate ALL of our accomplishments at a BBQ (healthy of course) – which will be in part funded by the Summer Challenge “pot”.

Please see the office to sign up and see you June 17, 2013 at 6:00pm.

Bring any and all ideas you may have to share with the group – whether it be fitness workouts, healthy food choice and/or meal plans.

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