Elite Taekwondo Reviews

Elite Taekwondo Reviews

Here is what some people have to say about Elite…

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“Thank you for the great first experience at Elite TKD. This is my first time trying TKD and the professional, welcoming, and friendly environment made this personal challenge a much less scary step. It was great how the more experienced members of the club provided subtle direction and support so I knew where to go and what to do, but still felt comfortable going at my own pace as a novice. It is also very cool to have all the levels working together at the same time so those who are novice can see the potential of where they will get with their fitness and discipline if they put in the effort and discipline. It was a fantastic workout…”

Julia M.
“I appreciated being paired up with someone who had more experience. Omar was very helpful and encouraging which made my first class a lot of fun and beneficial. I researched different schools online before landing on Elite and what I appreciated was the high qualifications of the instructors. Based on this I felt I would be benefiting the most from classes at Elite compared to other gyms in the region.”

B. Kline
“They teach very good technique and understand the importance of the basics. Also good people and lots of fun!”

S. Elliott
“I am pleased with the physical and mental challenges that Elite Taekwondo has posed for me. These challenges are positive and provide the additional push that I need in all areas to help me become a stronger teacher, athlete and competitor. I enjoy the variety in class activities and instructor knowledge that keep the classes new and interesting.”

J. Smeall
“Very fun and welcoming. I was put at ease right away even though I was stepping into a class that had clearly already been running for some time.”

K. Goodwin
“My week at elite jiu-jitsu was one to remember. The people were amazing and very helpful! If you are looking for somewhere to learn jiu-jitsu then i would 100% recommend elite jiu-jitsu.”

R. Pope
“I came into my first BJJ class feeling very intimidated and scared because I’ve never tried any kind of martial arts before. I was immediately put at ease not only by the instructor, but also by how welcoming the students with higher belts were. The warm up at the beginning of class was great, and the instructor was excellent at explaining every detail of the movements we were learning. I left class feeling more confident and will definitely be making BJJ a part of my life!”

S. Madsen
“Very good instructors, students and atmosphere. Lessons are very interesting and effective.”

V. Tsym
“Elite Tae Kwon Do is a studio that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in learning martial arts. The staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The instructors work hard to help all students succeed. It’s very easy to feel like part of a great Tae Kwon Do family at Elite.”

M. Nawrot
“Thank you Steve Sir and your staff for making me feel immediately welcome and comfortable. You are true professionals and I appreciated your compassion toward a new learner. You ensured I paced myself, yet pushed myself to be my best. I will return in the future as a full-time student.”

J. Hunting
“I feel delighted after joining your academy. Because my dream is going to be true after 25 years. It’s entirely new to me. But the way how you guys explained to me was really appreciated. Thank you very much.”

M. Ramasamy
“I had a great time training at Elite. The staff was friendly and helpful. The people training there were very welcoming.”

B. Nadeau
“Thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I will be back! Steve went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable as this was very intimidating for me. As well I was blown away by how much of a team atmosphere the students have.”

J. Spithakis
“The level of friendliness and support at Elite was a very welcome surprise. I joined to do something new, and to try something that scares me. In short, I joined to better myself. I think, from what I have seen, Elite is a great place to do it at – I say this after having participated in only 5 classes”

B. Yang
“This taekwondo facility is really well structured with high levels of enjoyment. The classes will give you a sweat while helping you develop martial arts. The staff is really friendly and will welcome any newcomers with open arms.”

T. Tran
“The Staff at Elite Taekwondo were very welcoming when I first tried the adult classes. They knew I was a beginner so they were very pleasant and helped me in every way that they could. They workout/warm up portion of the class is hard but its exactly what I need. It is nice that it is offset with a slightly less intense technical portion of Taekwondo. I will definitely be continuing with them in the near future.”

E. Bucharski
“Had fun, people are friendly, good workout and learning.”

K. Southwell
“The staff were very helpful in arranging for us to come try our class, orienting us to the facility and the class once we got there and in encouraging us and making sure we had fun throughout. Felt very welcomed.”

L. Johnson
“Instructors are top notch. They were inviting and friendly. They made it a priority to introduce themselves to the new people. Sessions were run well and structured. I should be signing up shortly.”

D. Matheendran
Great Studio!
“Friendly atmosphere. Nice people. The instructors push you to be better. And classes provide a great workout.”

S. Cherniak
Great place to learn tkd
“Great teachers and great atmosphere to learn tkd. The instructor are great and everyone is very friendly. Will definitely recommend and will be signing up as well.”

D. Cayanan
“My children enjoyed their class at Elite Taekwondo. I appreciated being able to try out the facility before committing.”

K. Cusack
5 stars for Elite Taekwondo
“Really like the way jiu jitsu is taught in elite taekwond, because i had been in some others academies so i can compare them, and from my point of view elite taekwond is the best in Edmonton for jiu jitsu.”

S. Fontes
Amazing Team of Wonderful People
“I originally signed my son up for the Anti-Bullying course that was offered. He really enjoyed himself. About a year later he started getting bullied at school. His confidence was shot. I called the School and told them what was happening. Right away I was put at ease that they could take care of building his confidence, discipline, and his energy level. He is now (only after two weeks) more responsible at home, doing better in school and even making new friends. This is more then I could have hoped for. The team of people that make this school possible is amazing, caring, straight-forward and honest. Plus, they are all extremely talented at what they do. We like to stay after class just to watch for a bit.”

M. & L. Cooper
“The BJJ classes are great! Everyone is very supportive and there is a good variety of skill levels in the class. I am excited to begin this journey with the team at Elite.”

K. Harris
“I already feel like home at Elite Taekwondo thanks to the very knowledgeable instructors and students. I noticed that everyone here is pretty close and treat each other like family, which means the chemistry between instructors and students are excellent and as a result teaching and demonstrating to new students is easy. The place is well organized and I would recommend this place to my friends.”

J. Jundos
Just the Right Intensity
“The classes are good in keeping the sweat running. Not too intense and not too slow.”

D. Fontanilla
5 Star Rating
“Thank you very much, I had few very impressive bjj trainings. Instructors were very knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely keep attending further Elite Taekwondo for BJJ sessions.”

V. Drevylo
Friendly and Professional
“People associated with Elite Taekwondo are very friendly and professional. Clean facility with a huge open mat room and a personal training mat room, although the personal training mat room can be a little bigger. Schedule is flexible and works for people that do shift work like myself. For a beginner who has not had any training or equipment for jujitsu Elite Taekwondo does provide the gear and some guidance for those in need.”

G. Nathan
Excellent Instruction and Atmosphere
“Being out of martial arts for several years due to a couple of back to back injuries made it a challenge to get my out of shape butt back in a gym, but I found my way to Elite. Master Steve is mindful of one’s limits and was encouraging, while recognizing that I should slow down a bit while getting back into shape. Over the years, I’ve been to other schools where there was no tolerance whatsoever and it is downright dangerous. However, once in shape, the students at Elite are pushed to their limits safely to maximize development. I highly recommend any beginner to give Elite a try. The hardest part to starting any new endeavor is simply going. Once you’re there, you will be glad you took the plunge.”

C. Bryden
Great Introduction!
“The warmup(s) were set at a great pace, some parts requiring more endurance than others. I really appreciated the team’s approach to assisting everyone in the room, whether it’s assisting with a certain kick, or just a little applause for a member who may be behind to give them that extra “oomph”. The only semi-unfortunate thing during the week besides myself and my friend not being able to show up for more sessions, was the fact that we came in during promotion week…Overall, it was a wondrous experience, and I really appreciate the free week trial. I am looking forward in signing up full time soon! Thank you so much for your time and effort you put into your school, and the welcoming nature of newcomers.”

D. Baker
“I really like the fact that I was taken aside individually from the beginning of the session to be taught a few very basic techniques. I’m a firm believer in focusing on basics and repetition for the development of automaticity. The number of techniques that were covered during the lesson was reasonable for a new person. I found staff and students to be helpful and friendly. I appreciated the use of the gi.”

G. Ripoli
Enjoyed My First Visit
“I liked the setup of the place and enjoyed my first visit there. The staff was very friendly and helpful in determining what I was really looking for and appropriate for me.”

I. Tunkra
“MJ is is super nice. Very good person for dealing with first time customers as well as knowing what point the students are in their training! She has a very good handle on what is going. Black belts or higher belts are very repectfull of students and vice versa. This respect comes from not only training physicaly but mentally the additudes and focus of the students. These are some of the things I was looking for and found.”

M. Treiber
Great Class
“Class was a lot of fun. very informative. an excellent workout. great overall atmosphere.”

T. K.
Very Good
“I have been very happy with the training, facility and most importantly people. The other students and staff have been very welcoming and I look forward to furthering my training with this gym!”

Conor B.
Trial Class
“I really enjoyed the class but the warm up was a little tough for my liking. The people were all very friendly and the class was well organized and when I asked for help I got it right away. I liked that the class was fairly laid back.”

Kerri A.
Nice Teachers
“Very nice instructors, a warm atmosphere to be and very challenging training sessions. If you guys could have longer and more challenging stretching sessions. That would be great.”

Bryan P.
Very Welcoming
“Tried the free week of Brazilian jiu jitsu and was very impressed. Everyone at the gym was friendly and willing to help us learn. We felt welcome as new members at every class we tried. We also enjoyed how they took us aside to teach us the basics. Will not hesitate at returning for more!”

Brad V.
Little Dragon
“Our daughter joined little dragon classes about 3 wks back. So far her experience has been great and she looks forward to her classes. Very disciplined, extremely polite and always ready to help are few words that says about how the staff at Elite Taekwondo are. Amazing experience and we look forward to continue our journey with Elite and see our daughter grow into an disciplined, strong and self confident individual. Thanks a lot Vikram + Parul”

Parul S.
Great Class!
“I took a weekend women’s jujitsu self defense course, and it was terrific. Great intro to jujitsu and some practical technics learned. It was such a great full body workout and I was sore for days afterwards. Probably should have stretched more after class. Great teacher- I will be back!”

Nicole G.
Learning new Techniques
“I enjoy learning new techniques and movements from experienced teachers -I like how they set me aside to teach me new moves that I haven’t learnt before because I’m new -friendly environment”

Teresa C.
Looking For a Jiu Jitsu Club
“Everybody was very friendly and the instructors were knowledgeable and very professional. I just arrived in town and started checking out jiu jitsu gyms. The training was challenging and I got an awesome workout (still sore). I got a very good first impression.”

Ralf S.
A great place
“I stopped at Elite a few weeks ago and had a great experience there. I’ll never regret stopping in as the group was awesome. Everyone worked together and helped each other. The teaching was easy to understand and straight forward and i’m really glad I went. I had a blast. The atmosphere was really friendly while still being wholly focused on learning and it was easy to join in and just think about the lesson.”

Chail P.
Great instruction
“My first time being back at taekwondo after taking a year off from a different itf club and I loved the first day. The instructors were great and helpful and everyone was so welcoming.”

Jelena B.
You had us at hello
“The idea was to try it for a week to see how he liked it. I wasn’t going to make a commitment as I knew we have a busy schedule already. BUT I knew the moment my son walked in that he was wanting to attend. The staff were exceptional and helpful. So much so that we signed up for a full year and bought the fancy uniform (Mom’s a sucker for cool looking stuff!). Thanks so much and I know my son will love it with your school!”

Trisha L.
4 1/2 year old son attending a try-out class
“I have nothing but positive things to say. The instructor as well as his younger female assistant are both outstanding and excellent with the kids. At 4 1/2 years, I am not sure my son is quite ready, but will give it a second try on Monday. If he is not ready, I will keep trying every 6 months until he is ready.”

Rasmus F.
BJJ Classes at Elite TKD
“Both Rodrigo Resende and Steve Bartley are both excellent instructors. They care about the students, they have high personal standards, and they have a high level of self-knowledge. Techniques are taught in a structured and progressive manner. The facility is a clean and open environment. I have practiced judo for numerous years in both Canada and Japan. Resende-sensei is an exceptional coach. His philosophy is about continuous improvement – constantly learning, evolving, and improving.”

Bret K.
Elite taekwondo is wonderful progamme
“My son become more energetic, and active. And also treat others with courtesy and respect. I feel satisfied about that.”

Sharon L.
The best TKD Studio in Edmonton
“Almost 5 years ago we switched from a different TKD studio and came to Elite TKD. Today I look back and feel proud of the decision I made for my Boys. Elite TKD is by far the most excellent TKD studio in Edmonton! I have utmost respect for Steve Sir and Mitch Sir for training my boys and making them the mature young gentlemen they are today. This studio has brought discipline in their lives , has taught them to respect their elders, and above all perseverance. It makes me feel proud to say we are a part of Elite TKD family and my boys will graduate with their black belts from this esteemed Studio!!”

Seema S.
For Taekwondo, this is the place to be!
“What I liked about Elite Taekwondo when I first started, was that it was a welcoming environment. In my experience, a lot of places like this don’t come across friendly or welcoming. After going for a while, I found other reasons why it was the right choice. -The workout/warm-up at the beginning of the class is challenging, and will get you in good physical shape. -The instruction is top notch. -They have high standards. -It’s a family friendly gym. (Our whole family goes here.) -The owner/head-instructor is not only great at instruction and taekwondo, but also excellent at running a successful business. -Well rounded. Good mix of sparring, poomsay (patterns), and self defense. There are other gyms that have some of these, but very few that have it all.”

Jonathon B.
I think the club is great
“The instructors and the higher belts do an excellent job of making new members feel welcome. That is very important for ensuring new members feel and stay engaged.”

Richard R.
Brazilian Jujitsu Review
“I have only been training for a short time in BJJ at Elite, but previously trained for about 2 years at another school. The level of training at Elite far exceeds that of level of training I previously recieved. All belt levels train together which allows lower belts to challenge themselves as well as learn from higher belts. There are no ego’s; everyone is eager to share there knowledge.”

Shaun M.
really like this group
Our family has been involved in another tae kwon do place in the past and I am very happy with the decision to go to this group and location. They always have time to answer questions and and i am really impressed with how everyone is excited to be there. my son is so excited about when he gets his new strips so he can move on and do testing.”

Karyn P.
“I have always enjoyed my time at Elite Taekwondo. Master Bartley maintains a positive atmosphere while always pushing people to achieve their best, a difficult balance to maintain. The school does tend to lean towards getting people into competitive sparring, which is understandable, just not for me.”

Joe N.
Great instruction – too busy!
“Based on what I’ve seen over the 6+ months we’ve been here, instruction is very good and it’s not a money grab like other spots we’ve seen. Classes are probably an ideal size for you BUT with all the traffic and parents that stay etc, the waiting area is too small. This has nothing to do with the quality of instruction the kids get but it does impact what the parents get to observe. Other than that, no issues with Elite TKD!”

Jason F.
Great instructors, great programs!
“The kids really enjoy their classes at elite! The instructors are amazing! It would be nice to have smaller classes or more places to sit while watching our children though!”

K. K.
Jujitsu first timer
“I had a great time, the warm up was my favourite portion, good core strengthening. I feel that I learnt some new techniques. The second portion where we were practicing submission moves with a partner was interesting too. In the future, I think it would be nice to keep a loaner gi at the gym. I tried to wear the most appropriate clothing in my wardrobe but I still got bruised and rashed.”

Bethany M.
“My family and I have been attending Elite Taekwondo for a year now. I am continually impressed by the level of excellence I see in the leadership and more advanced students. The workouts are always unique and interesting. The instructors, staff and other students are continually encouraging and make each class a joy to attend. I highly recommend making Elite Taekwondo an addition to your day!”

Brandy B.
Excellent staff who create positive role models and a respectful environment
“MJ is very organized and responsive. Mitch is first rate with my child’s Little Dragons group. He creates a fun experience while teaching the necessary patterns and other components. My other child’s master is efficient and effective at conveying respect and the responsibility that comes with learning Taekwondo.”

Darren C.
Warm, welcoming, challenging and fun!
“I only had a chance to experience a couple of classes so far, Friday night Poomsae and Monday night Adult/Jr open which was a sparring night and so far I am very pleased to have started training with Elite. Despite my inconsistency because I’ve been sick the last few days my visits there have been fantastic. The instructors are friendly, professional and the dojang is very clean and organized. Transferring from another school is nerve racking enough however the staff at Elite welcomed me and made me comfortable. The class schedule and rotation is extremely organized, it’s nice to know what we will be training as opposed to guessing every single day as to what we will be doing. The times of the classes work really well, I don’t have to be rushing from work to train. Master Bartley is very friendly and accommodating and I am excited to be training with everyone at Elite.”

Christopher J.
Elite is awesome
“Elite teakwondo is great!!! I joined 5 years back and now I am going for my black belt. It is a great source for a workout and for self defence.”

Jatin S.
Always pushing people for the better
“I had never done a martial art before, and was never really use to the competitive playfulness of the dojang when I started. I see myself, my accomplishments I have achieved in this sport, and how far I have come and can’t be more pleased. Top it off with the atmosphere the people of the dojang bring, and you have one solid facility with a great standard of excellence.”

Tara R.
The kids are still keeping their enthusiasm for Taekwondo since they started five months ago
“I like my experience with Elite Taekwondo, I think one of the main factor to keep children interest and joy towards particular sport is the professionality of the instructor. Also the general atmosphere in the place including communication is good as I know the special events on time and also it is well organized.”

Shereen E.
Elite has stared me on a journey of personal discovery and growth
“My boyfriend, my son and I joined Elite 6 months ago as a new way to keep fit and motivated, I found the gym was not working for me and I was out of shape, I was scared to join taekwondo thinking I wasn’t fit enough and too old and too uncoordinated. From the very first class I felt welcome and encouraged, I have felt consistently challenged mentally and physically and at times when I’ve wanted to give up, there has always been someone there to motivate me and remind me how far I’ve come and that I’m not alone in my struggles. The workouts are never boring and I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been.I have met some of the most inspiring people and feel like there are so many people who I can relate to and we help each other through the struggles. Since My 9 year old son joined I’ve never seen him so fit, confident and happy, he now does his chores and homework without asking because he knows he’ll be held accountable, he now spends alot of his free time practising taekwondo rather than being glued to a monitor, I couldn’t ask for anything more as a mother and I love that we have taekwondo in common and can support each other in our journey of physical and mental health. What I think makes Elite a step above the other taekwondo gyms is Master Steve Bartley, He is the perfect example of what it is to be a leader and a teacher, he commands respect rather then demands it, he makes you feel like you belong regardless of your skills and despite your flaws, his patience never wavers regardless of how many times you fail. His positive energy fills a room and makes you want to do and be your best and when he leaves or is absent it feels like there is something missing. I can’t really think of any criticisms about Elite, I think Master Bartley has spent 17 years perfecting it and has accomplished something amazing and as soon as you enter the door you want to be a part of it. My hope is that he will continue to pass on his positive leadership and teaching attributes to his predecessors.”

Chera Dawn J.
This is a good program for everyone
“I like this program and both of my children enjoy the program and learn from it. I see the confidence and how happy they get when they receive new stripe. also parents get to know each other.”

Kulwinder T.
Great Gym
“Great Gym with awesome TKD and BJJ Programs. They have plenty of classes to keep even the most active people satisfied. The best part of the gym are the members, Elite does a great job of creating a family atmosphere among all the members and I look forward to going to class and working out with my friends every day.”

Thomas P.
Welcomed like family
“Everyone is extremely supportive and friendly, willing to help or encourage in any way they can.”

Kassia J.
Love the exercise
“Things I love about Elite TKD: -The exercises we do are hard and feel like I get something out of them -Instructors are definitely experts -We learn techniques that go beyond standard TKD If I have one complaint about elite TKD, it would be that the gym seems a little bit small.”

Michael D.
“So far it has been an awesome experience. I am learning so much and it is very exciting. I am very happy that I finally decided to try it out and I’m falling in love with it already.”

Maria K.
Can’t wait to see what comes next!
“I’ve enjoyed my first two sessions so far. Everyone has been friendly, and the adult/junior classes have been challenging enough so far. I look forward to being able to practice further and see just what I can learn. It was a big hurdle to finally attend my first class, but once I was able to participate, I started to feel much more comfortable. Can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Eric O.

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