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“Elite’s 8 weeks of Kindness’

During the summer we usually slow down, people take time off, go on vacation etc. This summer I challenge the students to try something new.

I am challenging you to try and perform a random act of kindness to a stranger, neighbor, anybody but your family (we should be performing acts of kindness daily to them anyhow.) I am calling this “Elite’s 8 weeks of kindness”.

How does this work??? Each week we will give each student, who would like to participate, 5 kindness cards. Each time you perform an act of kindness you give the person a card, if the person calls us to thank us for your effort you will get a checkmark on our checklist. If you get three checkmarks on your name in one week then you qualify to go on an outing with one of our Instructors.

Each Friday for the summer we will be planning events to reward those children who receive the three checkmarks. If you maintain three checkmarks every week for the whole summer you win a Professional embroidered uniform. Easy as that.

It takes 21 days to form a good habit, imagine if all our students could keep this up for the summer. Wow!! Performing acts of kindness as a habit!! If any of the adult class wishes to participate you are more than welcome too.

Good luck and keep training.

Master Steve Bartley

Break-a-thon News

Our new Start board members kicked off their new term by organizing a hugely successful break-a-thon raising $10,000 for the Cross Cancer Institute.

The future of S.T.A.R.T has never looked brighter. Congratulations to everybody for a job well done.

And to the anonymous donor who enabled us to raise enough money to shave my head, Thanks!!!!

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