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Goal Setting… and achieving…

I have talked a lot on the pursuit of excellence – on the pursuit of happiness – goal setting – etc –

But consider this:

Pursuit, in and of itself, gives us direction, gives us focus, gives our lives meaning. Running toward something – chasing an idea, and ideology, a goal, a dream, a cause … fills us with a sense of purpose.

Operating with a sense of purpose, in and of itself, fills us with a sense of fulfillment and excitement, often irrespective of whether we actualize our intended goal or not. Pursuit points us… and gives us direction.

Think about something you were chasing … that girl (or guy), that new technique, that fish, that car, that house, that holiday with your family, that weight-loss (or weight -gain)… whatever it was – if you are like me, you got as much out of the planning, the thinking about it, the ‘journey’ if you will … as you did out of realizing the goal.

Get in touch with your internal compass … and pursue something.

See you in class
Master Bartley

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