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Heat seeking missiles….

This is a story of ‘learning’ … and how we ‘learn’

Think of how an old ‘heat seeking missile’ works… it’s flight path from launch to target is anything but a straight line. After launch – the missiles technology starts looking for a heat signature from its target – it then orients itself toward this heat signature and then keeps asking a simple question ‘warmer or colder?’.

We all played this same game as kids – probably with a blindfold on – ‘warmer or colder?’ Then after a series of ever and ever smaller course corrections we ‘zero in’ on our intended target. I think this is a very good analogy of how we go about learning new skills … we try, we fail, we try again and we eventually ‘zero in’ on the skills we want or need.

The main point is this – COURSE CORRECTIONS are vital to this whole ‘zeroing in’ process. As we ‘correct’ our course, we can often ‘over correct’ – and this is neither bad nor good, it is just a natural part of the process. Over time, as we gather experience, our course corrections tend to be smaller and smaller – this ‘from the outside’ looks like we are ‘lucky’, ‘gifted’, ‘talented’, etc.

Over time, we have eliminated the directions that don’t work well for us … and we zero in on the direction that does give us the lifestyle or outcomes that we want. Course corrections, just like those our heat-seeking missile makes are exactly what we need to achieve in life. Heat seeking missiles do not fly in a straight line from launch to the target – and neither do we.


I “borrowed” this from one of my old BJJ Instructors. I hope you enjoy it.

See you in class
Master Bartley

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