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Inertia is the Enemy

Inertia is the Enemy

Inertia – is like quicksand to the living of our lives… and ‘getting going’ – taking that first small step – can often be the most difficult step in a large – even complicated process.

Over the years, in talking to many hundreds of people at the very beginning of their martial arts practice, I have learned that in most cases, they have pondered for many months, sometimes, even years, before something kicked them into a state of action and they came to my school and actually began their training.

We tend to plan for and ponder on things a long time before we take action – if in fact, we ever do. It seems a part of human nature to consider, consider some more, weigh up the reasons for and against taking action… ponder further, consult with others, over-consult… and then ‘sleep on it’… before we pull the trigger.

I think tendency is what holds so many of us back from doing the things we want to do and achieving the things we would like to achieve.

I know a few people who don’t seem more intelligent than everyone else – in fact, in some cases, they seem less intelligent (in the way we tend to measure such things) – but they achieve a great deal.

I know many highly intelligent people – who measure and weigh – older and consider – and at the end of the day – don’t get anything done.

There are many kinds (faces/facets) of intelligence… and I think one of them is the ability to ‘take action’ or pull the trigger. This trait can make all the difference in survival situations – but also it can make a difference in how early you buy that house, commit to that girl (or guy), start on that fitness regime, etc.

So ‘swing away’… you’ll probably ’strike out’ more than most – but you’ll also hit more ‘home runs’. Remember: Inertia is the enemy. JBW

My old BJJ instructor wrote this and I really liked it. I hope it touches a base in some of you.

See you in class.
Master Bartley

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