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I have been asked many times why did I start martial arts?? What would I DO if someone came up to me on the street and asked for my wallet?? Most people think after 25 years of martial arts training that my answer would be that I would use the advanced techniques I know to disarm and disable the attackers. But my answer always is…I would give them my wallet. It would be different if a life was in danger, in that case I would go all out. But the contents of a wallet are not worth risking a life or injuring someone else.

I originally got into Taekwondo because it offered me things that nothing else did – a sense of accomplishment, a sense of self-worth. The more I learned, the more assertive and outgoing I became, the better I felt about myself. What really changed my life was earning my black belt. It was the first time I had accomplished something difficult on my own, and that success made me want more. I wish everyone could experience that sense of self-esteem and satisfaction by setting meaningful goals and achieving them, because achieving one goal makes the next one possible and shows you the path to success. Once you have truly succeeded in accomplishing one goal then you are eager to move on to others.

I hope that during your path of martial art training that you realize the benefits that you are getting on the mat as well as off the mat. Good luck in your training.

Master Bartley

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