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For myself, this year has been a tough one for injuries … a rib injury drama being the latest in a very annoying series. It has postponed my progression in my martial arts training and continues to hamper my efforts on the mat. I have to say though, despite the unbroken string of injuries, I still feel extraordinarily fortunate to be alive and being able to do what I do for a living.

A quick look around and it doesn’t take long to see that the little day-to-day dramas that we suffer don’t compare to what the larger population of the world has to deal with. Anyone affluent enough to be reading this newsletter, no doubt has a warm bed to sleep in, a fridge full of food and obviously, a computer with which to virtually travel the world at will.
How fortunate we all are………

The paths of our lives come with speed-bumps built in; for me, the speed-bumps are injuries, for others, they are weekly bills or relationship hassles or acne or hair-troubles … but seriously, these small hassles are nothing compared to starvation, poverty or life-threatening illness. If you are reading this newsletter you are among the most fortunate of people to have ever lived; you probably have access to health-care, food , shelter and a host of luxuries that the larger population can barely dream about.

My point – you have enough lee-way and ‘fat’ in your life, that you can afford to take a few risks. Even if it all goes wrong, you are still better off than almost any person who has ever lived.

Risk a little – live a lot – be grateful that your parents survived (and probably prospered) long enough to have brought you into this world.

You not only have the best seat in the house – you have a place on the team.

Get out and play.

Master Bartley

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