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There is an old Chinese saying: The stalk that carries the most grain, bows the lowest. I think this carries into the martial arts philosophy in that most of the time, the best warriors of all, are usually the most humble. This follows anatural principle called The Law of The Farm. Everyone knows that a farmer plants his crop in the spring, works it all year and gets to harvest in the fall. This natural law is true in business, personal relationships and basically anything you want to achieve in life.

The truth is that you need to pay in advance, full price for anything you get. Many people are raised today thinking
they can get things now and pay for them later based on the way our society has become, but in all important things, you must give first and then you get.

This is especially true with respect. Respect is something you must earn, not demand from others. Once you start showing respect to others, then respect will start coming back to you. In traditional martial arts, the senior students respect and take care of the beginning students as well as the senior students because they know that each position is very important in the overall scheme of things. The teacher respects the students, because without them, he would not have any position to teach and the students respect their teacher because they know what he is teaching is priceless and will change their lives forever. This mutual respect is the foundation of black belt excellence and what each martial artists should strive for.


Master Bartley

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