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The Struggle…

The Struggle…

Instructor’s Corner: The Struggle…

“Everyone struggles.

It is worth noting this. As it is easy to cast our eye around and be fooled – over and over again. The best athletes struggle – with motivation, with injury, with self-doubt, with drug-use, etc.

The wealthiest people struggle – with trying to work out who their real friends are, with depression, with loneliness, with stress, anxiety, etc.

The gifted struggle – with social convention, with fiscal irresponsibility, etc. Everyone struggles.

There are high-profile people – people that many of us would label celebrities – who are masters of ‘keeping up appearances’ but who fail miserably at basic budgeting, at inter-personal relationships, at being healthy … or happy.

What we see out there – when we ‘lift the curtain’ – is often not what the storybooks would promise us.

Here’s the takeaway … everyone struggles – but it is who we become in facing up to those struggles that shapes and moulds us into who we really are …

Struggle is a part of life … it provides the resistance that can either make us … or break us. I say, embrace it … and prevail.”………JBW

I read this and really liked it, hope you do as well.

See you in class.

Master Bartley

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