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Summer Attendance

This summer we will be encouraging you to regularly attend Taekwondo classes…..

It has shown in previous years those that regularly attend classes during the summer months, are consistent with their techniques, patterns and cardio.

We have seen students that take the summer months off, require ―catch up time not only in refreshing their techniques, trying to remember their patterns, but also require to work harder to get their cardio back to what is was in June. All of this ―catch up‖ – in addition to Back to School (for those younger students) can add a lot of Stress to our martial artists.

With that being said – we are encouraging you to continue training through the summer months….

What is in it for YOU ??
Not ONLY will you continue to maintain your techniques and cardio, but you will also earn ―points each time you attend class !!!

What can you do with these so-called “points”??
At the end of the summer Elite Taekwondo will be hosting a FUN day which involves an Auction !! Yes, an auction !!! You will be able to use your ―points to bid on various auction items.


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