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The Black Belt Test

The Elite Black Belt Promotion Test is held twice a year at Elite Taekwondo.

For members that have met the minimum class and time requirements, made an appropriate commitment to vigorous Taekwondo training at the school, and have been practicing at home, this will be a
challenging yet rewarding experience.


Physical Conditioning
Test is done on a different day then the technical testing. The physical conditioning tests varying degrees of fitness, flexibility and speed.

Poomse (Forms)
Taegeuk 1 – 8
Required Black Belt Form

One vs. one using WTF rules

One Step self Defense
1 – 9

Kyukpa (breaking)
(8) breaks.
Breaks must demonstrate skill exceeding regular color
belt breaking requirements.
You will have two (2) attempts to break a board.

2 pages, single side, double spaced is OK. If
printed, largest font is 11pt.

Breaking Information
The breaks selected must demonstrate strength, accuracy, speed, balance, willpower and concentration.

Test Scores
In order to move on to the technical testing – one MUST pass the fitness test. Student must have a total overall averaged score of 80% or higher to pass the Black Belt promotion test. 2nd Dan Testing must achieve a score of 80% or higher to pass.

If applicant receives a score a below 80%, students will not pass and must retest at a later date.

The black belt test is extremely challenging and vigorous. It is not uncommon to see candidates require retesting. Do not be alarmed! These members typically become some of the most highly regarded and respected black belts in the school.

Overall Score under 80%
The student must wait until the next black belt test to retest.

Tardy or Missed Test
If the student is late for the belt testing, or misses the belt testing due to any reason, student will not be able to test.

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