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We are all like icebergs, we only see the tip

As I sat down to write this I was unsure what I could write that everyone could relate to and find interesting. So, I decided to look up many writing prompts that would trigger my mind to write
something. This was one of the prompts that really caught my attention.

Only 10% of an iceberg is seen while the other 90% is unseen.

This is relatable to many people and we often face it in our everyday life. As we go on with our daily lives we often forget people we meet have so much more to them than what we see.

Like an iceberg, people are deceiving. We see this outer “picture” they portray but may not always get to see beneath that picture. We look at just the “tip” of the iceberg. This causes me to reflect on many relationships with I have made with others. Who really knows me? Who just sees the tip of the iceberg? I believe it is important to be aware of others situations in life and not to base our opinion or treat someone by what we see. Awareness is the key to finding out who we are and who others are.

From personal experience I have truly learned that by being aware of others situations I have become a better person in understanding others and has really brought me closer to my family and friends. I’ve explored and discovered what is beneath the tip of others’ “icebergs” as well as mine.

So I leave you with 2 simple questions.

How much do people really know about you?

How much do you think you know about others?


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