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Instructor’s Corner Follow the Weekly Video Blog

Instructor’s Corner Follow the Weekly Video Blog


My Name is Steve Bartley; I am the owner and Master Instructor at Elite Taekwondo in Edmonton, Alberta. One of my students is currently preparing to test for her 4th Dan (Master) in Taekwondo.

I am a lifetime martial artist, a student, and a teacher – I want to create a meaningful Master test that helps the students participating to have a more profound impact on the people they teach and the communities they live in.

I believe martial arts training should go beyond the boundaries of the dojang. I feel each student should be willing to learn and grow from this experience, and most importantly while the student is preparing and participating in this test they will be going to a deeper level of understanding and commitment, and that has great value.

How this test works…

Elite Taekwondo Edmonton has designed a 1-year (minimum) test for each participant comprised of physical, mental, and social challenges that can be acted upon nearly every day of the year. All the while doesn’t stretch the participant beyond what is sane, balanced, and safe, but when totaled up for the length of the test, becomes great achievements.

160 push ups a day, completed in 20 simple rep sets throughout the day, would equal 58,400 push ups in a year. If the student could convince 10 other people to participate, the entire group would have achieved 584,000 push ups – this in itself proves a great lesson in how small things can add up to be significant accomplishments (and play a huge role in fitness). This is a lesson we hope to demonstrate and teach all students in our classes, the power to make big changes and achieve significant goals, by taking small daily steps.

Three reps of a single poomsae done every day become more than 1000 reps over a period of one year. What is the power of working on one thing 1000 times? It demonstrates commitment and dedication, something that I believe a student of Elite Taekwondo, testing for a Master level, should possess.

We will be doing a weekly video blog on our website, so you can be involved in this process.

Please give Deb Ma’am your continued support as some components of her journey to 4th Dan require the assistance of all members of Elite Taekwondo.

Master Steve Bartley

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