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Wherever You Are, Be There…

Wherever You Are, Be There…

Instructors Corner: Wherever You Are, Be There…

I really like this theme. It reminds you to be present focus.  I can’t tell you how many times when I have been somewhere physically but my head is somewhere else, chances are you have felt this as well.

A good example of this is getting home from work and sitting with your family but you are still thinking about work.  Or the reverse, you are at work and thinking about home.

I always tell my class that one of the greatest gifts that martial arts can teach you is how to focus, turn off those outside thoughts and “Be there”.

The same thing we tell our kids when they want to go play with their friends but we tell them to finish their homework first. If your child is sitting there thinking what his or her friends are doing then the homework takes twice as long. Whereas, if they solely focus on the homework then they get it done.

Remember once you step on the mats and bow into the gym you need to let the outside thoughts go and just “Be there” and watch yourself improve.  And don’t forget sometimes when you can step away from your problems just for a little while you can come back to them with a calmer mind and find solutions.

See you in Class

Master Bartley

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